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To mark European Day of Languages, the Lingo Club hosted a guest lecture in the LyIT at 10.30 in Room 1401.  The event was well attended by LyIT students and transition year, 5th and 6th year pupils from Coláiste Ailigh.  There were two lectures given on the topic: firstly, a general overview was given by Catherine Lyster, Careers Officer LyIT; secondly, a more specific presentation was given by a past student of LyIT, Lorna McNerney.

Catherine’s talk was most informative. She highlighted the fact that language graduates have extremely valuable skills which make them most employable and highly sought –after in the workplace. Even in today’s bleak economic times, there are many jobs to be found for those with language skills. Catherine outlined the diverse roles in which language graduates might work; 30 potential areas in the workplace were listed, ranging from purchasing and retailing to publishing and marketing.  She emphasised the importance of spending time in the target country, as this enabled the language graduate to get an insight into the culture and mentality, as well as improving his/her linguistic skills.

Lorna McNerney, a graduate of European Languages and Business(LyIT), explained how  she had chosen a career in languages.  Lorna studied German and Spanish, as well as business during her undergraduate years at the Institute. She also spent many months in Germany, perfecting her oral and aural skills in the language.  She is currently working with ATA, which is a worldwide distributor of market leading carbide burrs, pneumatic air tools and speciality abrasives. Based in the ATA head office in Cavan, Lorna uses her language skills on a daily basis, as procurement coordinator in the busy firm.  If the phone rings, she is able to deal with queries and problems through German.  ATA is constantly expanding its share of the global market and is interested in recruiting staff with foreign language skills. Lorna enjoys her work and would encouraged prospective students to seriously consider a career in languages.

Please find below PowerPoint presentations given by both Catherine and Lorna and also a short interview with Lorna McNerney (please note that this interview is in two parts).

LYIT Europe. Photo Clive Wasson

Presentation 1: Catherine Lyster presentation on language careers

Presentation 2: Lorna McNerney Part One

(due to the size of the audio files please allow time to download)

Interview Part 1:Lorna McNerney Part Two

Interview Part 2: Lorna McNerney Part Two

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