From Vienna to Madrid

The LinGO (formerly Tandem) club recently organised an event to raise awareness about the importance of learning languages and the delights of travelling to countries where these languages are spoken.

Jean Landa and Valérie Rohou

The following Erasmus and LyIT students presented their home regions in their native languages: Illse Gawlik (Business Studies) from Vienna, Jane Rohou(Design) from Nice, Jean Landa and Valérie Roy (Business Studies) from Bourgogne, José Andres Collada Nevado (Engineering) from Madrid and Blanca Aguero (Business Studies) from Paraguay.

Transition and 5th year students from Coláiste Ailigh, Loreto Convent and Errigal College were accompanied by their French, German and Spanish teachers to the presentations. The teachers were most impressed by the audiovisual skills of the presenters and felt that it was a wonderful opportunity for their own students to hear the language being spoken by native speakers.

José Andres Collada Nevado and Blanca Aguero

In the past two years, LyIT students have visited both Coláiste Ailigh and St. Eunans and given their presentations; however, this year it was decided to stage a once-off presentation for all schools at the Institute of Technology.

Illse Gawlik

Teachers are eager to make this an annual event and would be willing to get involved in the funding of it. It is hoped that such events will generate interest in learning languages and motivate students to go and explore these regions for themselves.

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