Lingo Club (LyIT) entertains and enlightens local second level students

Siobhan Goeppert and Celine Gallagher (German and French teachers from Colaiste Ailigh) at the recent Lingo event at LyIT

Michaela Fricek and Margret Barilich, Erasmus students from Austria, treated local students from Coláiste Ailigh to song and games at a recent event organised by the Lingo Club at Letterkenny Institute of Technology. 5th year students of German learned all about the legend of the Viennese folk hero Augustin, as well as hearing and singing his song in German. Michaela and Margret also played a board game with students, who learned new vocabulary while playing.

French and German students from Colaiste Ailigh enjoying the Lingo presentations at LyIT

In an adjacent room, Stephanie Krebs, an LyIT 3rd year student gave a colourful presentation in French about her semester abroad in Amiens in 2010. Stephanie found her semester abroad extremely enjoyable and would encourage other students to avail of this wonderful opportunity. Not only did she improve her oral and written competence in the French language, but it also gave her a valuable insight into the French culture and mentality.

P.J. Bryson (Design student) and Stephanie Krebs (International Business and Language student). Both P.J. and Stephanie gave presentations at the Lingo Club event at LyIT on 11 May 2011.

In conclusion, P.J. Bryson, a 4th year Design student at LyIT demonstrated the new LinGO website. During the 2010-2011 academic year, P.J. used his creative talents to provide a much -needed electronic forum for the club. He explained how to navigate through the various items e.g. Presentations, Interviews and Photos, and encouraged members to use the Blog, in order to exchange ideas and set up tandem partnerships for language learning.
If you are interested in finding out more about the Lingo Club, please visit the site at:

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