Professor Feldmeier visits LyIT

Professor Feldmeier, vice Rector of the Hochschule Bremerhafen, gave an extremely interesting and highly entertaining lecture during his recent visit to Letterkenny Institute of Technology on 26 and 27 February 2014.

There were two main sections to the professor’s lecture; firstly, a brief overview of his college in Bremerhafen and secondly, intercultural aspects of doing business with the Germans.   The first section painted a most interesting picture for anyone considering doing an Erasmus semester in Germany, with emphasis on the cultural sights, as well as practical tips regarding accommodation, finances and student travel.  The second section highlighted the importance of intercultural communication in doing business in a global context and then went on to focus on specific aspects of conducting business with the Germans.  The professor illustrated his presentation with many interesting anecdotes, taken from his own experience of living abroad.

This was the professor’s second visit to LyIT and he is most anxious to foster the link with the institute. LyIT students are most welcome to study at Hochschule Bremerhafen, as part of the Erasmus mobility programme.

Please click on the link below for the transcript of the professor’s lecture.  His powerpoint is also available.

Letterkenny 2014 Interkulturelle Aspekte im Geschäftsbeziehungen mit Deutschland

Professor Feldmeier 27.02.14

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